BeLoved History

2007 BeLoved Launched

BeLoved started by taking little gifts into adult entertainment clubs in Lexington KY after Founder Sandi Savage had it laid on her heart to let women who worked in her former industry know they are loved.


Sandi left her job she at her local church to spend the best hours of her day loving and supporting women in the sex industry as well as supporting her growing team.


By 2012 BeLoved had expanded to 10 cities in the US and had served 1000’s of women and had built a team of 500+ volunteers.


After having trained multiple organizations across the US on how to do effective outreach to sex industry workers, Sandi knew there was a next level in how women were being served.


The next level of BeLoved as a non profit began to take shape and it was just waiting on God for the right timing as all the pieces fell into place.


It’s time! BeLoved expands its focus to not just serving women in the sex industry, but serving ALL women across the board. At BeLoved we have a vision of women across the earth seeing and understanding their value and their worth.